For Melissa...and a bit about my journey west

Thought you'd love 'em! I do!
Purchased here (NSFW!) in San Francisco.

More on the trip later! But here's some brief notes -

1. Pacific Ocean is f-ing COLD.
2. Cal-Mex is worlds better than NY-Mex.
3. Sunscreen works when applied properly.
4. Redwoods really are freaking HUGE.
5. Air conditioning? Who needs it!
6. There are no bad seats in AT&T Park. You can see Bonds go 0-fer from the nosebleed deck.
7. There is no good sleep on the redeye.
8. Three performances in a row? No sweat!
9. I loves me some big American truck.
10. Nerds are cool. Super cool.

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Melissa said...

Oh how I do love and adore thee my sweet and saucy M. As does Moshe, check her bloggie.