Pick the dress!

Okay, campers, I'm going to a wedding next Sunday. In a castle on Long Island. What to wear, what to wear. Some of these things are going back to the store. Some to my sister in law (the previously mentioned smart brocade number, alas.) What a hassle. I've got a few old standbys in the closet, but they just don't make sense.

Let's open it up to the blogreading public (All three of you!). Open to suggestions as well.

For those unaware:

1. I am taller than these models. (Heels will also be involved; think 6')
2. I am bustier than these models. (In a serious way. Foundation garments will be involved)
3. I am not a fan of my upper arms; but, as pointed out, through accesories and distratction, according to a friend, they will likely not be noticed.

1. The Black Dress. A bit revealing, but kinda hot. (It comes with a sheer scarf thing, as stated earlier). Too much?

2. The Brown Velvet Number. Picture this dress, in brown, with an improbable jewel somewhere near the bustline. (Some kinda wrap thing would be worn on the shoulders, again.) Too babydoll?

3. The Simple Brown Dress. Needs accessorizing. Is shorter on me than on the model. Too lame?

Of course, I also threw this dress in the "torrid" cart - totally unnecessary, potentially interesting. Some may like it. It looks pretty fine. Definitely a bit costumey, no?


Diana said...

Dude, the brown one for the wedding most definitely.

And the last dress I was gonna buy from Torrid too! That dress rocks!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I am madly in love with that last dress, even though it's way short on me. It's commanding as hell. It demands accessories, you know?

Sugar-Snit said...

Am I lame if I say that I love them all? I think dress 2 and 3 are best bets for a wedding. I'm not into short dresses though -- so if I went with 3, I'd probably make sure that I wore similarly colored tights and shoes. But that's just me.

Good luck-- and tell us which one you go with!!!

Jenn said...

#2! #2! Hhhot.

People Paula said...

#2 with a wrap - I fit all the "not like the models" specifications, and that's the one I'd pick!

Kristina said...

Number 2!